Friday, July 11, 2014

Secrets to a tight butt

There are a number of ways to a slim and tight butt. Today we are going to list several here.

Cuases of a fat butt  
The criterion of a beautiful butt does not lie into its size. The point is about whether your butt is frim and tight enough or not. A lot of women are complaining about their butt being too fat and protruding. Acoording to the reserches, apart from hereditary factors, a fat butt is mostly due to obesity.

Ideal hip

In ideal hip one with good muscles on the upper part and no fat accumulation in the area bridgig to the thighs and forms beautiful curves. It is desirable that it is a big bubble one which will appear  voluptuous.It is not difficult to have a charming butt actually as long as you stick to some contracting exercises. One big benefit of a non-fatty butt is that it makes your legs appear longer.

Methods thin your buttock

Tip 1: Shred some fat on the butt
Let out the strength from your hips while exhaling. Raising one of your leg as high as you can. Keep the leg and feet straightned all the time and stay still for 1 second. And then shift to the other leg and do the same movement. Alternating 15-20 times.
Note: do not forcefully wring your hip to raise the legs or there might be pain in the waist and hinder you from achieving the desired effects. Contract your abdominal muscles at the same time of raising your legs.

2, Strengthen the waist and buttock

The following simple exercises are good to the waist and buttock.
1. Lie on your back. Keep the feet apart at a width of your shoulder. Bend the knees and lay the hands on both sides.
2. Exhale while trying to tighten your waist until exhale finishes. Go back to step one and do not takes breaks. The movement needs to be done continuously to take effect. Keep doing this for 15 ~ 20 times.
Note:Each time you need to let out your strength. Once youget accustomed to the routine, you can do it without letting your hips touching the ground and the effect will be better.

3,Burn fat through cream

After a shower in the evening, apply an appropriate amount of buttock slimming essence cream to the fatty area. Gently do massage until the cream is completely absorbed. Don't look down upon this as it contains abundant micro/nano fat burning factor which permeates the hip skin, effectively decomposing and burn the fat.

4, Slim down throught pills
Natural and safe slimming pills can alos do the trick in slimming and tightening your butt. The special ingredients in 2 Day Diet helps you to achieve the effect that you desire. 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi strong version contains 8 natural ingredients which can effectively peed up your metabolism, increase fat burning rate, lower calories intake, prevent the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat and then reduce the fat deposit.Pop one capsule in the morning before breakfast with 350-500cc water once a day. After three days, if you don’t see any discomfort, increase the dose to two capsules a day before breakfast every day. You will be able to see very satisfactory results but keeping taking it.

5, Exercises to shape your buttocks
1.Stand straight with your les closed and hands on two sides of you waist.
2. Step forward with one leg. The knees are supposed to be bending. Inhale, and then exhale. Go back to step one agin and then alternate to the other leg which goes forward. Keep doing this and alternating for 15 ~ 20 times.