Thursday, July 10, 2014

Seven things to a slimmer waist

The waist is the gold dividing point of the body. Your waist curves can be very cruial to the beauty of your figure. waist line of beautiful degree and position has significant influence on the whole figure. For women, esepcialy after the age of 25, the fat tend to accumulated more easily on the waist and belly. The causes can vary from congenital obesity to unhealthy living habits and sitting postures. Being sedentary for long, insufficiency in workouts, unreasonable diet structure can all consequent in fat accumulation and weight gain. Follow the next 7 rules and you will be able to keep a slim waist.
1, Limit yourself to"1 spoon"
Be sure to have good control over your mouth. You should stay away fatty foods such as cream cake, chocolate, ice cream and potato chips as far as possible. Don't indulge yourself in food. 

But what worths mentioning is that being too strict with your diet can also affect health, resulting in lack of some trace elements and nutrients. It is advisable to eat more fish, legumes and grains to ensure necessary nutrients intake. You don’t have to replace the salad oil with olive or sesame oil. Just stick to the principal of “one small spoonful for each meal” which helps effectively control the oil intake.

2, Work it out to burn fat 
Lower body fat hoarded is very stubborn, they come easily but are hard to go off.

You have to be aware of this and take preventive meausrese. A very good way is of course to exercise more. It helps with redundant adipose combustion. Target on the hips and legs can help you achive satisfactory fat reduction in local parts like the the hip and legs. Try to say goodbye to the elevator and turn back to climbingthe stairs. Do some yoga or stretching whenever you are free.

3, correct your sitting poture 
For office workers or students, they need sitting in the chair and remain sedentary almost all day long. Long sitting can effortlessly cause fat accumulation. To develop a good sitting habit is actually rather important. Correcting your sitting posture and tucking in your belly and uptighting  your chest helps reduce abdominal fat. Remind yourself to hold yourchest uptight, tighten your abdomen and straighten your waist.

4,Do some ovement before sleep to reduce residual heat
After a long busy day, you may want to throw yourself in bed and have a good night’s sleep. Well, hold on! You should form a good habit before this, this is doing some movement which helps with fat burning. Moderate strength of movement can both help you slim down and sleep well. Here is a simple movement to recommend here which you can do before sleep. Keep your body lying comfortably on the ground or bed with your hands on your ears. Bend your knees, raise the legs, forming a 90 degree angle between the thigh and the abdomen. By the letting out the force from the abdomen, slowly raising your upper body without moving your legs. Do this 15-20 times every day and you will receive surprising benefits. The point is to keep doing it with great perseverance.
5, Take some diet pills

If you really want to lose the fat in your body fast, it is okay to take some naturaldiets pills. But when choosing the pills, you should be cautious as wrong choice can make you pay. Go for the natural and reputable product like 2 day diet. Many people have tried it before so you have reference from them. But don’t rely solely on the pills. You still have to exercise!

6, Drink tea even if you are not so much into it
Forming the habit of drinking tea can be really conducive. A lot of ingredients in tea are helpful to flattening your fatty abdomen. Tea of lotus leaves and lotus seeds can break down fat, eliminate constipation, promote diuresis and prevent senile diseases. Lotus tea is of no side effect, which means that you can drink it in a long term. This kind of tea should be strong to effect its efficacies. Your preference for food will also change if you take the tea for a long time. You will turn more interestered in light dishes rather than oily food. Oolong tea is semi-fermented which is rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements. It helps promote digestive enzymes, break down fat and prevent fat-triggering diseases. It is quite effective in anti-tumor, anti-aging and reducing blood fat level.

7, Drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty
Keep in mind that eight glasses of water a day is a must every day. Stay away from sweetened and carbonated drinks. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure a slim figure. Before breakfast in the morning, drink a cup of plain water, loose honey water or cellulose-added water. They can accelerate peristalsis of the stomach and expel the metabolites outside they body so as to reducing the likelihood of dewlaps and fat accumulation.

Eevn when you are not so thirsty, you should also supplement water in time for your body.   Lack of water can lead to declined metabolic levels. The water in coffee drinks, in the process of absorption, will lose a lot because of caffeine, so you can't depend entirely on coffee and other beverages to supplement moisture. 

Weight loss will not happen overnight. All it calls for is perseverance and patience. Combining balanced diet with regular exercise, and you can receive good effects.


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