Monday, June 29, 2015

Five Method Theach You Lose Weight At Home !

Do you know how I do to lose my weight at home? One years ago ,I use 2 Day Diet Flat Belly Diet to lose weght successfuly and keep my weight in a good lever . here is some way I am taking :

The first method

Prepare a pair of dumbbells lighter (heavy dumbbell is easy to develop your muscles to the girls don't fit), and then stand up straight, hands stretched out, from the body slowly raise the dumbbell, hands up to her shoulders, and then slowly down, this cycle is repeated, every time do 20 to 30, probably do a six or seven groups, every day can reduce the arm of flesh.

The second method

In-situ stand straight body, upper body motionless, two legs make place high leg movement, the frequency controlled by yourself, don't too fast, it's better to keep uniform, for five minutes or so every time, every time or do a 30 to 50, can do five or six times a day, can effectively reduce the thigh

The third method

Find two stools or a few bricks, on both sides of the body on the ground, and then hands to high up on the stool or brick, on both sides to lift, front legs together to try to be parallel to the ground, each about half a minute to minute, every day can also be a five or six groups, this to lose belly is very effective.

Fourth method
 turn hula hoop is a universal way to lose weight, you can cut on any part, but mainly recommended by the waist and neck, every time take morning circle turn a three to five minutes, turn a few groups every day.

Fifth way
shut up, and then exhale to mouth take hold large, probably to maintain the state of the mouth up a minute, and then remained closed mouth, the mouth to suck, on both sides of the cheek to the middle sag, maintain this state is presumably a minute, such repeated do a dozen minutes, do a few times a day, can reduce the face flesh


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