Monday, June 29, 2015

The Best Weight Loss Tips For You !

As we all know ,in addition to 2 Day Diet Quickest Way To Lose Weight . there are lots of ways to lose weight. But it need you persistance a long time. No matter you can did  it or not ,I'll tell you !

1. The anaerobic + aerobic exercise
Anaerobic exercise, are generally by doing some weights training muscles.In the process, in the muscle stored carbohydrates is broken off, because the human body to give energy to the body through the consumption of carbohydrates, once finished stored carbohydrates are broken down in the body, the body fat will begin to consume.Compared with anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise burn fat better.In aerobic exercise before, therefore, to consume carbohydrates by anaerobic exercise, then through aerobic exercise to burn fat, like this, can get twice the result with half the effort effect reducing weight.

2. The whole body movement combined with partial motion
Some body just local obesity, such as coarse, abdominal fat legs.People often think that suit the remedy to the case would be nice to have effect reducing weight is, so is only part of the movement against obesity.In fact, if you want to slim down quickly, only certain parts against doing sports is very inadequate.Some specific sport fat consumption ability is not strong, need to cooperate with some body movement, such as running, swimming and other sports.

3. Do more outdoor sports
The study found that in the outdoor walking or running on a treadmill than you burn more calories by ten percent.In the outdoor, relative to the rugged road might have a greater friction;Influenced by natural wind, the movement of the body will be greater resistance;In addition, uphill and downhill transform enables the outdoor sports to keep rhythm.So whether running, riding a bike or roller skating, practitioners in the outdoor games by greater resistance, body itself need to burn more calories.Rather than on the treadmill exercise, running outdoors could cost 3% ~ 3% more calories.In addition, the fresh air and the view of the transformation can make fitness more interesting, can also help the practitioners adhere to for a longer time.

4. Sports for at least 12 minutes at a time
Any sport consumption quantity of heat, but to really achieve the effect that reduce weight, you'll need at least 12 minutes (warm-up is not).Take time to establish a training effect, thus improve the oxygen carrying capacity of the body, and generate more fat-burning enzymes, such as lipase, so you can burn more calories in their sports, and do other things also more energetic.

5. Grasp the movement time points
The study found that mild exercise at the most reasonable one hour after the meal;Moderate exercise should be scheduled for two hours after the meal;High intensity exercise can be up to three hours after dinner.To launch several optimal movement time: 3 hours after breakfast before lunch;3 hours after lunch to dinner;Dinner after 3 hours until bedtime.

However, this kind of ways need you resistant every day, if you want to lose weight veruy quickly, maby you can use 2 Day Diet Weight Loss Foods .


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