Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Can Stephanie Lost 90 lbs!

Stephanie , has been a 2 Day Diet member for several years, and began to write blog form october 2014. With a starting weight of 280lbs, Stephanie had a goal of losing 100 lbs. Now down 90lbs (so far!), she's well on her way to a new life - emotionally and physically!

Soon after she began blogging in fall 2014, Stephanie decided to give yoga a try, and recruited her sister to be her workout buddy.

"My sister and I are really starting to get the hang of yoga," she reported in one of her first to me . "I still think it's really hard, but it helps with the stress and it gives me peace of mind. After every class we both have big smiles on our faces. It is hard but it's all worth it."

Stephanie began losing weight slowly - and that was just fine with her! "I lost 2 more pounds this week," she said that to me "I guess everything is falling into its place."

With skewed weight loss expectations common nowadays due to television shows like The Biggest Loser, some dieters might be discouraged by losing 2 lbs in 7 days. But not Stephanie, who was excited to see pounds coming off, 2 lbs per week at a time. As one of her fellow Diet.com members told her, "That's 2 lbs less than you weighed last week!"

 In January of 2015, her brother even got in on the family weight loss action, joining his two sisters in their workouts. Seeing her brother drop 10 lbs quickly was both infuriating and motivating for Stephanie, "It has now turned into a contest to see who can lose the most weight. It's fun and it gives us something to do." She concluded, "It's nice to have your family to workout with."

Stephanie's fantastic attitude and "slow and steady wins the race" mentality has proven over time to be a brilliant strategy for her.  Stephanie wrote:

"When we first started our diet we thought we would see results overnight and when we didn't we would give up. Now we know this is a rest of your life' thing; if you want to stay healthy and in shape you have to work at it everyday and change bad habits. Since we have changed the way we eat and exercise we noticed the change. We had to get our minds into it as well. While it still is a work in progress I feel that we are doing good."

In December 2014, Stephanie updated her blog to let us know that she'd been making some substantial changes to her diet. This included drinking green tea daily, which she said helped her drop pounds, cleared up her skin and improved the whiteness of her teeth! She also began eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day, instead of 3 large ones.

Fast forward to April 2015, and Stephanie was enrolled in a kickboxing class and loving it! "I think everyone should try it at least once," she wrote in a blog. "It's such a stress reliever and I really feel the effects of doing the training. Everything hurts, but it's worth it."

By the time Stephanie had 20 lbs left to go till she met her goal weight, she was already a changed woman. "Even after I reach my goal, I want to change how and why I workout," she wrote in her blog. "I'm going to keep up with my lifestyle change. I really like being healthy and I love the change I see in myself."

http://www.2daydiet.me fitness resources helped contribute to Stephanie's current fondness for exercise. "This site has the best workout tips, period," she raves.

In addition to the workout tips she found on 2 Day diet , Stephanie also found success in keeping her fitness activities fun and ever changing: sticking with cardio and strength training, while adding in yoga, kickboxing and even gymnastics!

Stephanie says her key to success is her happiness. "I love the new body and the fact that I have dropped a million dress sizes. Even my shoe size changed! I was never happy with myself, but now I am."

Stephanie's Words of Wisdom:

"Find out what works best for you. Never give up because weight loss is not an overnight thing. Don't consider this a 'diet,' consider it a lifestyle change, because you have to keep working at it even after you reach your goal. Most important, love yourself. Self-esteem and confidence are very important when trying to lose weight."